Each student visits the library at least one period a week. All books and reference materials are loaned to the students for one week and may be taken home. The library is also available to the students for research at any time as approved by the teacher.

The school is well equipped with audio-visual aids. Smart Boards, DVD players, tape/CD recorders, record players, videotapes, TV’s, iPads, a digital camera are available for use by the teachers and students. A collection of DVD’s, recordings, videocassettes in various subjects and grade levels are on hand for use in the classrooms. In addition a number of subscriptions for online resources supplement the numerous free online resources used to supplement our educational programs. Our Lady of the Lake continually evaluates and updates this collection.

Computer Education

All students in grades K through 8 are scheduled for the computer instruction at least once a week. The computer room contains numerous software programs that can be integrated throughout the curriculum. Classrooms are also equipped with computers and interactive boards available for student use for remediation, enrichment, tutorial, drill and practice, problem solving and creative expression.