Miss Lauren Zbiegien

2nd Grade

B.A., John Carroll University
M.A., Notre Dame College of Ohio



I am Lauren Zbiegien and I teach second grade. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University and my Master’s degree from Notre Dame College of Ohio. I recently applied for and was granted Master Teacher Designation by the state of Ohio. I have taught at Our Lady of the Lake since 2003. Most of these years were spent in second grade, but I did teach one year in seventh grade. I love learning new and innovative methods to teach twenty-first century learners.

Teaching at Our Lady of the Lake has been an extremely rewarding experience. There are few jobs in this world where one does what one loves and still has the opportunity to share in one’s faith. I am fortunate to have this experience. The family support our parent community provides to our students is simply the best. As a teacher, knowing a parent is just a phone call or e-mail away is a key factor to student success. My experience teaching second and junior high has shown me that our students are respectful, disciplined, and eager to learn. Our Lady of the Lake School provides well rounded students on every level!