Collecting box tops is an easy way for our school to earn money!

November 5, 2015

The end of the 1st Quarter has come and gone and Mrs. Koeth’s class won the 1 st Quarter contest for bringing in the most box tops! The class will get a cereal breakfast for their win!

When submitting box tops, please put box tops in a zip lock bag. Here are some tips that will help with counting and submitting:

  • Please check the expiration on the box tops and if it is expired please throw away they cannot be counted.
  • Place the box tops in quantities of 50 in a Ziploc bag or envelope and mark how many are in the bag. If you have less than 50 please mark how many are in the bag. Example if you have 78 box tops please put 50 in a bag and mark 50 and place the remaining 28 in a separate bag and mark 28 on the bag.
  • Please remember to put the following information on or in the bag so your class can win a cereal breakfast:
    • Student name
    • Homeroom teacher and grade
    • # of Box Tops in the bag
  • Place them in the box tops box outside the office.

Please note, this is for box tops only, please do not include Campbell’s soup labels.

The Box Tops will be collected and counted at the end of 2nd quarter and the winning class will be announced and get a cereal breakfast!