Christmas Recording Project

August 7, 2018

This is year, we will be taking on an OLL fall pilot project – a professional recording of non-copyrighted Christmas music utilizing traditional harmonies performed by our music ministry (youth and adult) with, perhaps, a few guests,to be mass produced and distributed this coming Christmas!

The recording sessions would be done by Sound Thinking LLC. I’m hoping that our school youth choir will be able to participate given the set recording session times.

Our 10-year anniversary as a parish is coming up in 2020. If a Christmas CD or other digital platform does well, then we may be able to do a more extensive project for our anniversary beginning in 2019.

We have begun rehearsals already with the mindset that not everyone would be singing on every single hymn/song, and that there would be variations- instrumentally and vocally- to most of the verses.

With all of this in mind, our timeline would look something like this:

  • August rehearsals (youth choir rehearsals TBA before the conclusion of the month)
  • September recording sessions on Wednesday evenings (with the exception of our parish feast day on 9/12; recording would be moved to Monday of that week) and a few Saturday afternoons
  • Completion of recording sessions by the beginning of October
  • Digital mastering by mid-October
  • Mass production by beginning of November
  • Distribution by Thanksgiving/Advent; Music to be played before and after Masses during Advent season

It has not been decided, yet, if we would sell the finished product. That decision would be made in October. We are making every effort to keep production costs to a minimum and would like to see as much involvement from everyone in the ministry as possible with the inclusion of our youth choir.

Please read the descriptions of our youth music ministries carefully and talk with your children about the possibility of being committed to one of these programs, specifically the choir for this upcoming fall.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs. Melissa Gali-Bird (216-486-0850 x 15 Mon. – Thurs,

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